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Public Services

The Iowa State Troopers Association is an organization that promotes friendship among it's fellow members. ISTA assists it's members by promoting morale, intellectual and social benefits. The general welfare of the members is the cornerstone of the organization. Other basic principles are a sense of individual obligation to the Iowa State Patrol and a comradeship of it's members by devotion to mutual helpfulness. 

ISTA also involves itself in many situations when deemed advisable and desirable to accomplish the aforesaid purposes. Many activities are sponsored by ISTA to develop good will and fellowship among the members. 

In order to carry out the purpose of ISTA, promote a spirit of good fellowship among it's members and to consecrate and sanctify this relationship by devotion to mutual helpfullness, the following benefits are provided:


  • Trooper Teddy Bear Program- Teddy bears that are given to young children involved in motor vehicle accidents or other traumatic incidents.
  • Student scholarships for our members
  • Death benefits for members and their families
  • Retirement badges for members when they retire
  • Bronze grave markers for grave sites
  • Emergency funds for Troopers injured in the line of duty
  • Legal Defense Fund
  • Legislative issues
  • Discounted home mortgages by Fidelity Mortgage Inc.
  • Banking services by Des Moines Police Officers Credit Union













Support Iowa Honor Flights

ISTA sponsors a Trooper twice a year to serve as a Chaperone for Iowa Veterans as they attend an Honor Flight day.  Thank you to our Armed Forces and to the men and women who protect and serve our Country.