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Fallen Heros




Oran "Nanny" Pape #40
April 30, 1936

On April 29, 1936, Pape was traveling on old Highway 61 near Fairport about 5 p.m. when he stopped a car believed to have been stolen.  As he approached the car, the driver, Roscoe Barton, a 23 year-old parolee from Davenport, pointed a gun at Pape and ordered him into the car.  As they proceeded down the highway, Pape grabbed Roscoe and the two men struggled.  Two shots went off, one striking Roscoe in the head killing him instantly.  The other went into Pape's abdomen and groin, wounding him extensively.  
Pape was able to stagger out of the car and hail a passing vehicle for help.  He was rushed to Hershey Hospital in Muscatine where doctors tried in vain to save him.  He died early the next day, the first member of the Patrol to die in the line of duty and the only officer murdered.  Nanny Pape was one of the "Original 50" Iowa patrolmen.
Harold E. Klinkefus #119
May 18, 1949

Patrolman Klinkefus was west bound on US-34 four miles east of Red Oak.  An east bound car turned off onto a side road and a fully loaded semi-trailer truck had to slow in a hurry to avoid the turning car in front of it.  The rig jack-knifed and went out of control, crashing into the side and top of the patrol car.  Klinkefus was thrown clear of the wreckage, but landed on a fence.  He died within minutes.

Harold C. DeGear #60
February 19, 1954 

On the night of February 19, 1954, DeGear had stopped a Marion man for faulty equipment and was standing behind the violator's car writing the ticket.  A third vehicle, which was passing a truck, struck the rear of the car crushing DeGear.  The violator's car was rammed over 30 feet forward.  DeGear was rushed by ambulance to the hospital suffering from broken legs and extensive internal injuries.  He died the following day.

Ralph Garthwaite #218
July 2, 1955

At 5:40 p.m on July 2, 1955, Patrolman Ralph Garthwaite was driving north bound heading for Dunlap and was approximately two miles north of Woodbine on Highway 30. While crossing a 24-foot bridge, the drivers side front fender of his patrol car collided with an oncoming vehicle traveling southbound. The driver of the other vehicle was found to be intoxicated. This accident caused fatal injuries to Garthwaite.

Sgt. Marvin C. VanderLinden #46
June 11, 1965

At about 6 p.m. on Friday, June 11, 1965, Sgt. VanderLinden was on his way to investigate an accident north of Sheldahl.  While passing through a gravel intersection about 15 miles north of Des Moines, his patrol car was struck broadside by another vehicle.  The force of the impact threw both vehicles into a ditch.  The patrol car was hit on the right side which caved in to the driver's seat.  The front end of the other vehicle was totally demolished.  Both men were killed instantly.
Charles G. Whitney #329
June 16, 1985
On Sunday afternoon, June 16, 1985, Trooper Whitney was working with Trooper Keith George and a patrol aircraft stopping speeding violators on I-380 near Evansdale.  Whitney was handing a ticket through the driver's side window of a violator's vehicle when he was struck by another vehicle whose driver had apparently fallen asleep at the wheel.  Whitney was killed outright, pinned against the car while the moving vehicle continued to strike both his and George's patrol cars parked in front of the stopped speeder's car.
Lance G. Dietsch #142
June 30, 1989

Stanley E. Gerling #190
June 30, 1989
On Friday evening, June 30, 1989, the Cass County Sheriff's Department contacted the Iowa State Patrol requesting help in locating an elderly man who had wandered away from his nursing home.  Trooper/Pilot Lance G. Dietsch, 30, of Council Bluffs and Trooper Stanley E. Gerling, 34, of Atlantic responded in a Maule Patrol aircraft.  The search was about to be terminated when the two troopers spotted the man in a soybean field.  The airplane turned sharply, crashing vertically into the ground and killing both troopers.  Troopers Dietsch and Gerling were the first aircraft fatalities since the addition of the Patrol Airwing in 1956.

Allen Nieland #445
October 14, 1990

At about 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, October 14, 1990, Nieland took off in a Patrol Cessna 172 from the Cedar Rapids airport to help in locating and capturing a robbery suspect driving a stolen pickup truck.  Other troopers had set up a roadblock on U.S. Highway 151 south of Little Amana.  Nieland had spotted the suspect vehicle and was over it when his aircraft suddenly nose-dived into a field near the intersection of I-80 and U.S. 151.  The impact of the crash was severe, killing Nieland, and the plane caught on fire.  Bystanders from a nearby motel tried to extinguish the flames, but were unsuccessful.  The suspect was caught shortly thereafter and charged with vehicular homicide.

Mark E. Toney #227
September 20, 2011

At 5:40 p.m. Tuesday evening, September 20, 2011, Trooper Mark Toney was traveling northbound on U.S. Highway 65/69, just south of Indianola. While preparing to stop a violator, Trooper Toney's patrol car left the roadway for an unknown reason. His car collided with a culvert before overturning several times, landing in a field east of the highway. This accident caused fatal injuries to Trooper Toney.